Lead by desire for knowledge, You meet Erudite, a man who seems to know everything.
You would do whatever it takes, to become students of Erudite. Erudite gladly agrees to share his wisdom with only one condition: You must prove that You are proficient and worthy of becoming his students.
So, You have to move to the past and try to escape from his room in less than an hour.

You don’t know yet, but this hour is special – it can give You something, take something away or change something.

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You will feel like you are in a dramatic action movie: D It is important to choose a good team - make sure no one ruins your efforts to escape (well, you know, double agents, etc.), use logical thinking, be careful and have fun - guaranteed.


An interesting room for an erudite. Really liked it!!! I had to think well - interesting hints. Super !!! I recommend 🙂