Frightened of the roaring airplanes You are looking for salvation and discovering an atomic shelter. 7 meters underground, 4 meters thick concrete slabs – it seems to be the safest place. Even when door slammed behind You it doesn’t frightens You – there is real hell left outside. It just turns out that You are not the only ones who found it. Findings of unknown origin do not bring peace – who was here, or maybe still is? Will You find out what the shelter is hiding? And most importantly – will You manage to stay alive and in healthy mind?

Attention – important information! It’s always cool in the atomic shelter, so be sure to arrange a warm outfit on arrival!
Address: Eigulių st. 21, Vilnius

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You will feel like you are in a dramatic action movie 😀 It is important to choose a good team - make sure no one ruins your efforts to escape (well, you know, double agents, etc.), use logical thinking, be careful and have fun - guaranteed.


An interesting room Erudite. Really liked it!!! I had to think well - interesting hints. Super !!! I recommend 🙂